Star Trek: The Original Series – Episode 5 “The Enemy Within”

I paused about 15 minutes into this episode. The break I took between pausing it and unpausing it was about five days. Therefore I can’t actually remember a lot of what happened in the beginning, mostly just the fact there was some duplication error in the transporter thing that involved a weird dog in some kind of alien cosplay costume.

star trek dog

And Kirk got duplicated too, there was niceKirk and evilKirk. The way you could tell between Kirks was that evilKirk was wearing eyeliner and a different top.

EvilKirk tried to attack lovely Basketweave Rand and she scratched him on the face. You go, Yeoman Rand. I was a bit annoyed about how they treated her when they questioned her about the attack (she’s saying Kirk did it, WHY ON EARTH LET HIM BE THE ONE TO INVESTIGATE IT?!).

kirk scratch


Most of the episode was boring and I kind of stopped paying attention, it was just evilKirk being evil and niceKirk being a bit soft. Spock, lovely Spock kind of took over but not really.

Sulu and some other dudes were trapped on this freezing planet. That was the rush to get shit sorted I guess. Otherwise maybe they’d have kept the two Kirks, who knows.

So all in all I thought this was pretty boring and as a result this writeup is boring too SORRY GUYS.

Here’s Spock and a space dog because why not.

space dog kirk


[wikipedia link for the actual synopsis if you doubt my recollection of events]

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